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James Endersight

  • Battlefield 7
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Ready Spells (7)

Allies (14)

Action Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (3)

Conjuration Deck (10)


Managed to win the Euro tourney in London with this one. I really like how James can do swarm decks really well, and you can get a really fast start with potential first fives like:
summon fallen, chant revenge, protect, +2 cards, +1 james summon.

The protects (and possible shield mage) help to mitigate removal just long enough to force through an early swarm win. Also, summon fallen is an excellent tool to add extra pressure, or generate quick board state after a board wipe like nature's wrath/mist typhoon/meteor.

I was afraid of other swarm decks, but discovered that James' vengeance is a really good finisher with fallen (damage cannot be prevented) once you have weakened opposing units with a chant of revenge/fire archer/anchornaut/frog here or there. One win involved 3 herders and 3 raptors attacking, vengeance the herders to give the 2/1 raptors overkill and spite 3 vs Koji's wall of 3/2 thorns and 0/2 seedlings. Splat.

Hammerknights are a useful pivot, and James can turn a nasty surprise with a double round 1 hammerknight if needed (search ability paying 3 life). HK can also provide more body vs decks packing weenie removal.

Rally the troops is interesting, as you can start ff: raptor, archer, rally, protect, fallen + search raptor, and use the protects to keep the raptor herders and archer alive long enough to rally and replay them for extra value. They also provide a way to mitigate regress/exhaustions on the hammer knights.

Moltens provide some removal vs problematic fatties, but also standard finishers. Nuff said.

I was surprised by the number of players who let me go 2nd round 1, then 1st swing round 2 given James' swarm capacity, but given the threat of an immediate HK drop I can understand the dilemma.


  • Cool looking deck Ben!! I was really surprised when no one played James at the Dallas tournament over the summer. He is awesome and Vengeance can lead to some absurd swings.

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