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DarkSphere Maeoni

Maeoni Viper

  • Battlefield 3
  • Life 22
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (5)

Reaction Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (9)


This is the deck I played at the DarkSphere european ashes tournament in London and finished third with it.
It was heavily inspired by other Maeoni decks on the site.

I played against Brennen in the first round. He put a lot of pressure early and I made many mistake which allowed him to ping my snakes, ensuring my loss.

For my second game, I played against a new players using the Jessa precon. I was afraid of Fear but with two snakes and not enough units on his battlefield, I was able to push damage rapidly for the win.

Third game against Aradel with bears, blue jaguar and majestic titan. I protected my snakes long enough with Maeoni to amass status tokens and killed him in two turns (first player on the next turn).

Final game against my mate (the one punch lord @dynkyn) with whom I travel (nothing beat travelling 1000km to play with him :) who play Koji with protect, biter and butterfly monk. I was able to build a snake with 4 status on the first round, slap an explosive growth and swing with it, inflicting 12 damage. He add taken damage on the first round, which put him in range for molten gold for the kill.

It was an amazing tournament and I thoroughly enjoyed all the games, meeting new players and the deck.

My standard FF would be Summon Gilder, Hypnotize, Summon Silver Snakes, Open memories and Resonnance. Resonnance is fantastic for dice fixing and this give me a fully focused snake book. Against a fast deck, you will take damage, but then deal some in return. The all star of the deck is explosive growth, especially on focused snale (goes from 2 to 8 damage if it connects) and golden veil/refresh. I didn't play the majestic titans in my games and feel it is not needed if you have focused snake books. I will keep tinkering with the deck, especially with the new decks (awesome work btw) which seems to bring a tasty amelioration ^^


  • I am liking majestic titan in Maeoni - but possibly more so with ceremonial and dark reaping/reclaim soul/blood chains support. I never really tried quick focused snakes - I assumed it was just too slow and not much gain, but from your recommendation I'll take another look! I think you identified the danger of a slow setup which can sometimes affect triple focus style decks, but snakes and gilder are an in built deterrent for swarms decks. <3

  • Double-focused Snakes gives you up to two 2/4/3 units for 5-7 dice (2 for Open Memories, 1 for Resonance, and 2-4 for the actual Silver Snakes). Assuming they both kill a unit, that leaves you with double 4/4/3 units coming into round 2. Drop an Explosive Growth on one, and it is now dealing 12 damage. Add Exhortation and the second snake is dealing 16 damage the next turn. Seeds of Aggression is crazy good for a Snake deck, too, since you can potentially kill two units with a single snake in one round (buffing your other Snake and possibly removing their allies from the game at the same time).

    That's a really strong start, but it's highly match-up dependent; unless you can make that damage actually connect, it's no better than a unit that deals 4 damage normally, and for a pretty steep cost (and very little flexibility in your opening hand). Additionally, Maeoni's low battlefield value means that if your opponent is able to last beyond round 2, you've probably already lost (they'll just chump block and hit you around the edges until you're dead). And as in the Brennen game described above if you lose a Snake early it can be devastating and difficult to come back from.

    Maeoni's problem has always been that Silver Snakes (and her health) are setup for the long game, but her battlefield stat cripples her ability to actually gain dominance over anything but the short game. Plus Snakes are just crazy vulnerable. Blood Chains, Frostback Bear, Choke (when you're playing Hypnosis), Redirect, Regress, first-turn Hammer Knight, [[illusion]] and other dice fixing, even second string cards like Vampire Bat Swarm can pose a serious hurdle to winning and because you're locked into three colors ([[charm]], [[nature]], and either [[sympathy]] or [[ceremonial]]) you don't have a lot of space for creative solutions to these varied problems.

    I really love that a Maeoni deck made it to third place, though. Congrats, and thanks for keeping the dream alive!

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