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Leo Sunshadow

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3


My first deck. Thoughts and comments appreciated. The idea behind it is to mill while using glow finch and nightshade to protect my phoenixborn.


  • I like idea of mill decks very much.
    That said i think there could be some improvements in your deck.
    First one is you only use one [[Illusion]] dice. If you will play against illusion deck your [[Illusion]] will be taken outleaving you with no way of playin Hidden Power and Seal. Thats why i would use more illusion dice. Probably 3 i think. So dice spread 3 [[Illusion]] with 7 [[Charm]] will require some more [[Illusion]] cards and less [[Charm]] cards.
    My first pick for removing is Memory Theft. While this cards supports milling archetype I think that it doesn`t work well. If your purpose is to mill enemy you take defensive approach to game and not attack much leaving your opponent with high health. So taking one wound instead of discarding card isn`t great cost for them. I think that better card for this slot is Abundance. It lets you draw more cards allowing you for quicker focus of Summon NIghtshade Swallow while also progressing your opponent towards milling and when your opponent`s deck is empty you can deal 6 damage with it without paying any dice so it could be your winning condition.
    While Nightshade Swallows protect you greatly from big units you may struggle against swarm of small units such as Fallen. Thats why i would add additional Beast Tamer and Angelic Rescue to protect it from removals ( for example Molten Gold.
    With more [[Illusion]] dice i would also add additional copy of Seal and Hidden Power as with Abundance you will have enough draw power to make good use of this additional dice.
    What i would remove from deck to make above changes? I guess that Call Upon The Realms and Open Memories. I would also consider removing one or two copies of Anguish as it mainly will place wounds on your opponent in early and i late game you already have massive damage dealer - Abundance.
    Hope this analysis will be useful to you. Also i am open to any discussion.

  • lidjan1#40jr plan is viable i think.
    But i would not say that the changes >have to be< that transforming.

    I think 2 [[Illusion]] is enough.
    I also have run 9/1 split decks and the magic behind it is often, that opponent does not know how much of the 1 count color really matters.
    For that Reason alone it is some times viable. You just can play too many cards in the weak color. I would say 3 cards per dice.

    Seal is a situational card already, because they do not just lose the spells effect but also the activation cost.
    So if it is a summon and it just forces them to play 1 slightly weaker unit the effect is very diminished and you paid 2 dice.

    For the same reason running 3 seals without abundance, its main use case, seems like overkill to me.
    Memory Theft you do not need to cut because it is not only a discard card.
    You can compare it to Frost Bite, and Chant of Revenge as well.
    Now doing (1 damage to Phoenixborn or they discard a card) is a little underpowered, because then it can become a Frost bite that is very hard to actually kill anyone with.
    Looking at the opponents hand however is a great effects in card games even if overcosted.
    Magic and Legend of the Five Rings have both had many cards that do largely not pass the usual Effect2Cost Ratio tests, but were so good they had to be banned or restricted.
    In Ashes the biggest cost of memory theft are the ready spell slot and the really slow tempo.
    The tempo can be mitigated by defensive play style, which is the main theme of the color, but the spell board slot is often too expansive.

    Anguish i would not cut. At least take 1 copy.
    The opponent does not know how fast you try to play until you reveal your slow cards. Leo can go aggressive with [[charm]], and they might need the HP.
    Many players will discard the card or the dice.
    That only works if your deck is not known to everyone but i doubt this is going to a tournament as 'the deck to beat'.

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