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Flaming Finale

Brennen Blackcloud

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (7)

Reaction Spells (4)

Conjuration Deck (16)


Slightly tweaked version of a deck designed by alchemister#8ab. Brought this to our final local tournament and managed to bring home the fancy [[natural]] dice!

There are two main FF strategies. One goes for a crazy Widows/Fallen swing asap and looks something like this:

It's extremely risky to play against [[illusion]] though, since you need so many [[ceremonial:class]]. So a safer opening is along these lines:

With a possible flex to Grave Knight if you expect to face Bears or HK. Regress is another great FF flex.


  • I really like Brennen Decks, Quick and Agro focused on direct damage. I face some variants of this deck but they use 3x Rising Horde and Pure ceremonial dice pool. Only Maeoni Snake can deal with these decks.

  • IMHO sticking to just a single colour in Ashes is shooting yourself in the foot. I mean, it definitely gives you protection against [[illusion]] decks, but the limit on cards is not worth it. Molten Gold, Immortal Commander, and Raptor Herder would be especially hard to pass up in this kind of deck.

    Snakes would certainly be extremely unpleasant, happily, none appeared at my local tournament XD. This deck also worries about facing a lot of Gilders or a well timed Mist Typoon or One Hundred Blades.

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