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Gunning around in the house (non-resonantly)

Victoria Glassfire

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (2)

Alteration Spells (2)

Reaction Spells (2)

Conjuration Deck (3)


Suggested first five:

As promised, the try without resonance, but with heavy card draw (maybe too heavy?). Deck seems to lose consistence. [[illusion]] dice are back on 7, but different from the original deck, Frost Bite and Changing Winds did not reappear.

First round is already quite an unpredictable mess (and you could take a lot of damage in that time). An opening turn could be New Ideas and Sleight of Hand. Of course you want to draw into another Summon Shadow Hound. Hand tricks can accelerate that, New ideas can cascade, too, and a second Open memories might also do the job. Note however, it might be necessary to use a singleton die ([[charm]] or [[sympathy]]) twice. Shadow spring is your friend, here. Drawing into Hidden Power can also do it.


  • Not trying to ruin your fun, but that deck has 90% searching & Ressources and only about 10% actually doing something that can end the game.
    That will on average not be worth the huge commitment to reducing randomness.

    I would strongly suggest to just put more units instead of card draw into the deck.
    You need a plan b) in case anything goes wrong and with just one gimmick in your deck chances are that it is not going to work 100% of the time.

    • Opponent might have 0 attack Units, like Admonisher or Living Doll, so you can't really attack and they do not need to.
    • One of your key cards might get removed from the game by Mind Probe or Law of Banishment.
    • Your opponent might just have many small creatures, which gives you really bad combat math. (Admiting that you get to deal 2x1 damage for each summon later on, which is good)

    Just saying the deck is unstable in what it does.

    What would i change ?
    Reduce Open Memories from 3 to 2. (Too little improvement in draw consistency)
    New Ideas from 3 to 2. (Too many for the dice pool)
    Polarity Mage from 2 to 1. (You have too few [[Sympathy]] AND [[Ceremonial]], doesn't matter if you resurrect or draw it.)
    Body Inversion from 2 to 1. (Yes they will eventually be used up but that is fine)
    Illusionary Cycle from 3 to 2. (Good but you want to draw the other cards)
    Total of -5 Cards.

    Put in
    3rd Blood Chains (You need that card to deal with exhaustion)
    3rd Hand Tricks (Better in this dice pool)
    3x Summon Lucky Rabbit (To give you some board material)
    Total of +5 Cards

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t, you did not ruin anything! Thank you very much for your suggestions!

    I especially like the Lucky Rabbit here. I didn't think of putting it into this deck.

    If I reduce Open Memories, shouldn't I even go down to one copy? To me it seems like either 1 or 3 make sense, because the one purpose is to make drawing a Summon Shadow Hound in the first round more secure.

  • If you calculate the chance to draw a certain card in round 2 the result scales really good with additional copies and you can count Open Memories as an additional copy with increased cost.

    Then you have 2 copies in the deck at the start of round 2 instead of 1 copy, which effectively doubles the average speed at which you draw the last copy.

    I think it is an about 50% to draw in round 2 vs an about 70% chance to draw but i'm too lazy to calculate it again now. It gets better by some percentage points if you have Hand tricks etc.

    Since the spell has a focus effect, you could attribute the one extra damage to part of the cost of Open Memories, which makes the action quite cost efficient.

  • Well, it depends how you want to do this. My plan was to do all the drawing early in round 1, when there are still two Summon Shadow Hound in the deck.

    If you play both New Ideas and Sleight of Hand, then the chance to draw one of the two Summons is:
    - without Hand Tricks and Open Memories in the deck: 37 %
    - with 3x Hand Tricks (effectively reducing the deck size): 41 %
    - with 1x Open Memories (counting 1 more target card): 50 %
    - with 1x Open Memories and 3x Hand Tricks: 56 %
    - with 2x Open Memories: 62 %
    - with 2x Open Memories and 3x Hand Tricks: 67 %

    If you plan not to use card draw in the first round and try to draw the third card in round 2, the odds get even worth, because you have most likely already used Open Memories to extract the second card in round 1. That means, only one copy of the card is left, and the chances to draw in round 2 are:
    - without Hand Tricks and Open Memories in the deck: 21 %
    - with 3x Hand Tricks: 24 %
    - with 1x Open Memories: 38 %
    - with 1x Open Memories and 3x Hand Tricks: 43 %
    - with 2x Open Memories: 52 %
    - with 2x Open Memories and 3x Hand Tricks: 58 %

    Open Memories has a much stronger effect on the odds than Hand Tricks (and I left away the cases with 2 or 3 copies of that card, because the change is just too small). However, in total the odds are not so good, even with a lot of effort into it. It is actually worse than I imagined and now after the calc I am tending to turn back to Resonance, because it just does it relyably with a single card in round 1.

  • I didn't check all the numbers. Did you calculate them your self or via a website ?

    My plan was to do all the drawing early in round 1, when there are still two Summon Shadow Hound in the deck.

    I get why but i think that is also a lot of ressources for getting it early.
    When i replace a search card with a draw mechanism i would say that going down from a 100% safe draw to a 70% safe draw is worth about 1 die for me under otherwise equal conditions.

    So the moment you play New Ideas just for draw, i would mostly say it is not worth it on turn 1, because it is not enough to get the 70% safety vs the 100% of open memories.
    Lot's of words - same conclusion. Go back to Resonance if all you want is to focus 1 ready spell in round 1.

    I personally think, that focusing 2 times can wait a little, depending on the deck, but for shadow hounds it is probably worth the 1 die for resonance to get the extra damage on the summon.
    I would cut a lot of the draw then.

    If you want to update the public deck list you have to republish the original deck with the changes made to it. Just saving does not do it.

  • I updated the version with Resonance:

    The Probabilities I calculated myself using a website called "Wolfram Cloud" ;-)

    This is the formula that I used:

    "Draws" is the number of Draws you have, "DeckSize" is obvious and the other three variables are the numbers of Hand Tricks, Open Memories and the target card still in your deck.

    Basically, I tried to calculate the probability not to draw the card and subtracted that from 1. Maybe, I did something wrond?

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