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Ashes Uprising Tournament - LFG Sydney 2019. This was a fun experiment to see whether Sympathy powers themselves would allow Creepers to work with Illusion instead of Charm dice. This left the deck with glaring weaknesses against One Punch and Hypno in general, which happened to be 50% of the meta of the day :)

Normal FF: Essence Druid, Resonance, Summon Butterfly Monk, Summon Indiglow Creeper, plus flex (usually cost one if you want to use all of the other draws). You're going to meditate heavily in the first turn to see which of the spellbooks you can recur with Essence Druid, using Illusion powers to reduce the potential for a Choke to ruin your plan.

My first match was against Angus, who was piloting a Rin deck with Charm, which I knew had Mind Fog Owls as he'd borrowed them from me, but instead of FF'ing Ice Trap, I FF'd Hidden Power. This ended up blocking the Chok potential, but in hindsight it was a mistake as it meant that his Rin's Fury provided him with good value and we were even in our damage race at the end of Round 1, on 6 life each. I drew into the Lick Wounds I needed to survive initially, but his Choke on my Seedling's Blossom meant that he had time to Molten Gold, then Hypno+swing for a well-deserved win.

In my second match, I played against William's Aradel, which was a good deck that could have competed well on the battlefield if William had had more experience in piloting it. This time around I doubled the Butterfly Monk books, which kept me with a handy shield against his Gilders until my Creeper Books arrived and provided an overwhelming swarm. We went over William's deck list afterwards, and if it had gone with the plan of FF'ing Summon Shadow Spirit or Summon Butterfly Monk, Summon Gilder, Summon Frostback Bear and Open Memories or Hidden Power it would have been a very close battle. In the end I came third on blood points and enjoyed watching the nail-biting finale to the close final game between Tim and Angus, which Tim managed to win with his One Punch Maeoni.

Well done to all of the players! I had a great time.


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