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The Three-Eyed Vampire Returns - Dallas Championship Deck

Harold Westraven

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 21
  • Spellboard 2


Here is the championship deck I played at the summer 2019 Dallas tournament. It was originally based on an owl-based Harold that I built for AIL 2.5 (called "Three-eyed Vampire"), with owls, gilders, and bears as the conjurations. But here I use illusion in place of the ceremonial, so that I can play hidden power, seal, and mist typhoon.

Owls proved to be very valuable here, as I put mill damage on my opponent in three of the games played. Not sure, if I would classify this as a true mill deck, but having that as a second win-con was very valuable.

A lot of the tech cards in the deck designed to provide answers for fallen rush.

Great event in Dallas, and thanks to all the folks at PHG for organizing. I will post a more detailed write-up of individual matches after I get home.


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