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The Three-Eyed Vampire Returns - Dallas Championship Deck

Harold Westraven

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 21
  • Spellboard 2


Here is the championship deck I played at the summer 2019 Dallas tournament. It was originally based on an owl-based Harold that I built for AIL 2.5 (called "Three-eyed Vampire"), with owls, gilders, and bears as the conjurations. But here I use illusion in place of the ceremonial, so that I can play hidden power, seal, and mist typhoon.

Owls proved to be very valuable here, as I put mill damage on my opponent in three of the games played. Not sure, if I would classify this as a true mill deck, but having that as a second win-con was very valuable.

A lot of the tech cards in the deck designed to provide answers for fallen rush.

Great event in Dallas, and thanks to all the folks at PHG for organizing. I will post a more detailed write-up of individual matches after I get home.


  • Congratulations!

  • I'm a new player; how exactly does it work to have multiple more ready spells than your spell limit? Do you just have some as backup/situational/discard fodder or what?

  • So in this case it`s a little tricky. You see, due to Harold`s unique card Harvest Soul you can expand his spelboard limit up to 5. So you can start with 3 ready spels in your first hand with addition of Harvest Soul. This will allow for 3 ready spells in round 1 (if everything goes your way).
    But you can see there are decks with ready spell count excessing their phoenixborn limit. It is strategy for advanced players. Lets say your phoenixborn has spellboard 4. In this situation you can build your deck with 3 different core ready spells and one copy of 2 or 3 flex ready spell. Then judging by opponents phoenixborn and his dice spread you can try figure out what strategy he will use, and pick flex ready spell to help you counter his strategy. Then the rest of flex ready spells is used just for meditating.
    Hope this will help.

  • Yeah, it does help! Thank you, lidjan1#40jr!

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