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Face First James

James Endersight

  • Battlefield 7
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Ready Spells (9)

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (3)

Reaction Spells (3)

Conjuration Deck (3)


First Five are
Chant of the Dead / Rally the Troops
Dark Presence
Law of Fear
Fire Archer
Shepard / Reaping Angel

You use Fire Archers effect to trigger Dark Presence. As the preview states this counts as a trigger.
Yous also try to use Law of Fear and 1 Unit attacks on the Phoenixborn to get additional triggers.
Chant and Rally the Troops make sure you are mostly good no matter what they do.
You have to bet on whether the opponent will be trying to kill or ignore your units and chose chant or rally accordingly for your first Five.
The choice of shepard and Reaping Angle is similar. If they do not kill your stuff you need the Angle just to spend all your dice, unless you declare blockers a lot.
The single Essence druid is mostly used to return Law of Fear and has a nice dice effect of being a good blocker.
Sometimes you have to let it die just to get 3 copies of Dark Presence but that is a rare occasion.
Shatter Pulse and some other cards are personal preference here - you can just replace them with squires to get a lot more consistency.

Usually you will get to the point where the opponent has 3 to 5 life but you have no good attacks left. That is when you start to search for Dark Presence (2) and (3) and the fact that you will have to go searching is a good reason to use Filtering effects like james ability, the Angle and sometimes [[Sympathy]] as often as you can manage.
Consider meditating Units into the Discard. In my starting Match i meditated 7 cards before i hit an ally with only 4 dice out but it was worth it in the end.


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