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Cat Pounce

Aradel Summergaard

  • Battlefield 8
  • Life 16
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (4)

Action Spells (8)

Reaction Spells (3)


Sometimes, you just want to make a ton of cats, and that's alright. Here's the deck for the ultimate cat lover.

We're talking about a deck that can produce 4 different cat units, and has plenty of Battlefield slots to hold all the cats you could ask for. If you're worried about this just being a meme deck, don't worry; this deck still packs a powerful punch.

You won't find a shortage of powerful units in this deck. Emperor Lion hits PB's for a whopping 4 damage, and the combination of Blue Jaguar and Winged Lioness sets up some powerful removal options, and when combined with Join the Hunt hardly any unit is safe. Panther Spirit might be puny, but when combined with Hunt Master, it functions effectively as a 3/4 on attack. Not to mention, it combines well with Flute Mage to summon even MORE CATS.

Your general gameplan is to control the battlefield. Between Water Blast and Winged Lioness (with Join the Hunt), you should definitely be able to kill at least 2 units each turn (or, barring that, one massive unit). While your opponent doesn't have to guard Emperor Lion, they probably don't want to take 4 damage to the face either.

You also have some counterplay cards. Power Through is quite effective against stall decks, especially if maximized with Flute Mage and Winged Lioness (you can also board wipe with Nature's Wrath). Crescendo can be a huge help in clearing away troublesome blockers and stronger units. Finally, Battle Mage can help your short supply of dice out if you can keep it around.


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