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Transmutation Xander

Xander Heartsblood

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (8)

Conjuration Deck (7)


First Five are supposed to be

Chant of the Dead / Summon Emperor Lion
Some 3 Cost Ally
Hollow / Heal
Summon Nightsong Cricket

Hollow or Heal you want to discard before your first turn.
You also probably want Hollow to be removed from the game, which is why you have 1 [[Illusion]] - the other illusions cards are just a gimmick.
Prepare is to not get stuck with Cards that you get back from Crickets - just toss them under Xander so that you can filter your deck down over time.
You will eventually filter your deck down to some power allies, heal, and crickets while having access to most of your deck via prepare.
If the opponent does not have conjuration removal that is a perpetual game state.
Try to keep as little Allies in the discard as possible. If you are lucky you will get a few Heals out of the Crickets.

Transmutation is for the turns where you need more of a given color then you would otherwise have in the dice pool, mostly [[Divine]].
Lions are just a random choice for consistency. Since you only have 3 Slots you will have to play the chants first or just meditate the Lion Summon away as needed.


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