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Burning Bloody Tears

Brennen Blackcloud

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (6)

Alteration Spells (11)

Action Spells (5)

Reaction Spells (2)

Conjuration Deck (14)


  • have you considered chant of revenge? and what is the purpose of most of the alteration spells?

  • I would advise Open Memories. You could start off with Monks at 2 Life.

  • I would love to throw in Chant of Revenge, but a lack of spellboard space made me leave it out. Open Memories sounds great! I figured the alteration spells are there to dampen my opponents units and strike at the opposing phoenixborn, since I have a lack of hard hitting or rugged units in my battlefield. I am still learning this and appreciate the input.

  • In my experience, you can't afford to not have chant of revenge in Brennan. The pure synergy with spirit burn is obvious, and it increases the damage output by a not insignificant amount. If spellboard is a problem, I would suggest dropping either blood puppets or weeping spirits. They serve almost the same role, so using both of them seems like overkill.

    I find with Brennan that the win condition (wincon) isn't unit damage, but what is commonly known as 'burn'. This is an aggressive style of build that focuses on spells and abilities to put face damage onto the opponent (and is my personal favourite style). My favourite cards include chant of revenge (I know! what a surprise!), fire archer, stormwind sniper, final cry, molten gold and sympathy pain.

    All that means is that most of the alteration spells are not as important as you might think. If you do want to use alteration spells though, you probably want some that increase attack, if the idea is to use unit damage as a wincon. The only ones that match that description in those colours (dice types) are frozen crown, massive growth and (harder to use but potentially the best one) amplify.

  • I was going for a sort of obnoxious clog up the opponents battlefield approach with both the weeping spirits and and the blood puppets, but I can do without one for the benefit of more hits. Would this deck work with Coal (5 spellboard) better than Brennan perhaps?
    I kinda saw my units as expendable pawns for Brennan to burn (less so with Butterfly Monk) and beefing my meat shields a bit will simply make them more taxing for my opponent to remove, but that may be unnecessary (Holy Knight is going to knock it off irrelevant of an alteration). Final Cry would aid in that line of thinking as well. Something to consider.

  • If you want to try clogging up the battlefield, I would suggest jessa na ni. screams of the departed means that even if they unclog the battlefield, it is still an advantage for you.

    I dont think coal is a good choice for clogging up the battlefield. Both his ability (slash) and loyalty (one hundred blades) focus on trying to empty the opponents battlefield so that he can land big hits. Having both him and blood puppets/weeping spirits just counteract each other.

    If you are just looking for phoenixborn with bigger spellboards, I might (despite swearing I never would) suggest dimona odinstar if you have her. She has a big spellboard, health is reasonable and a battlefield that is only a touch smaller than most (5 vs 6). However, only try her if you are looking for a statline only! Her ability is always disadvantageous, being over costed, and her loyalty (rayward knight) is trash.

    I kinda saw my units as expandable pawns for Brennan to burn (less so with butterfly monk)

    That is what the fire archers are for in my list. Also, dont underestimate the power of burning a monk. The healing adds up, and in a game as tight as ashes tends to be, 2-3 life can be the difference between winning a tournament and not (source).

  • Very well put. I need to expand my frame of mind on things to more possibilities. Thanks for the advice!

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