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Burning Blood

Jessa Na Ni

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Action Spells (5)

Conjuration Deck (2)


Increase damage causing damage to Dread Wraiths and applying damage to oponents when:

- Phoenix-born suffer damage (Sympathy Pain)
- Allied unit is killed (Chant of revenge + Final Cry)
- Defend Enemy Attack (Living doll)
- Enemy units leave battlefield (Jessa ability)
- Summon new units into battlefield (Fire Archer)

- Dread Wraiths increase attack when suffer controlled damage (Adrenaline Rush, Blood Transfer)
- Blood Archer combat advantage clean battlefield.

- Expand Energy and Dark Reaping help you to recover and recharge energy for costly actions.



  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    You're dice count seems a little wonky to me. I would suggest a 6 [[ceremonial:power]]/4 [[charm:power]] split just looking at it.

    Also why are you using 2x summon dread wraith? You will almost never have the dice to summon two in a round, but you don't get the focus ability either. I would suggest dropping one and replacing it with the third chant of revenge.

  • True, the dice count was a mistake the right proportion is 6/4

    I put 2x Summon Dread Wraith because lot fo deck can nullify or exhaust your ready spell before you cast it. Dread Wraith is one of the main parts of the deck's gameplay.

    Chant of revenge is ok but this deck source of damage is not entirely focused con dead or sacrifice allied units. I found out that against some decks if you can summon the 2 Dread Wraiths could be really great defensive capacity. If you dont need to use the second summon dread you can meditate to secure one source of damage or and Expand energy.

    Thanks for your analysis.

  • I don't know what your local meta is like, but there are only three cards that can exhaust a ready spell. Noah redmoon's shadow target, law of banishment and seal. If these phoenxborn/spells are common in your meta, than 2x dread wraith is a good idea, I just rarely come across them, so I don't tend to worry about them.

    If you are looking for defence, I would suggest turtle guards if you have the path of assassins expansion.

    no worries :D

  • Well my meta are my gaming group. We make no official challenge each others, two of my friends love to play Brennen, the ninja units affiliated to this phoenixborn can nullify ready spells.

    Turtle guards looks amaizing, I will run some tests.
    Thank you! I hope you like this deck.

  • you're friends play blackcloud ninjas? interesting choice. but yes, if the ninjas are popular with your friends, you need more than just the one summon spell.

    the deck looks fun, but not really my style.

  • Well this is not my playstyle too but lot fo my friends love direct damage decks, so I build it has example and manage to win lot of games.

    Which is your kind of build?

  • I tend to be a little more agro in how I do things. big units, hit face is about as subtle as I get. another deck style that I love is Brennan burn. these decks are more upfront agro, whereas your deck has a little more control.

    however, that is just my way of doing things. everyone has their own play style and your deck doesn't look like it is obviously bad. so that's just us approaching the game differently, not that I am better than you.

  • Nice to read all you comment
    I enjoy deck milling but in heavy agro meta this kind of games has little place.
    I try Leo or Saria with moderated success but not enough.

  • Hey Tactical, a man after my own heart, I love control and mill decks, whilst they aren't as powerful as they used to be they still have a place in the current TTS meta, I've had some success with them.
    If you let me know what expansions you have access to I may be able to give you some ideas! That said if you're playing in person and not online you may have to wait for Fiona and James to drop, Fiona's card Cognitive Dissonance did wonders for the mill game.

  • But I think I speak for all when I say "get onto the online meta!"

    The slack channel can be found here.

    To actually play online though, you need to get 'tabletop simulator' as a steam extension for about $28AUD (don't know what that converts to).

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