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Good Stuff James--Championship Match AIL Season 3

James Endersight

  • Battlefield 7
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (6)


This is the deck that I used in the championship vs Adam. I brought this and a 4 cere/3 Ill/ 3 div Brennen, and Adam brought Harold and Orrick.

With him being locked out of Vicky, I thought Adam would bring Orrick, so included Choke in both of my decks.

Adam locked out my Brennen, I locked out his Harold, so it was James vs Orrick.

This deck is mostly just standard solid cards, but James brings 2 things to the table with it over other PB: Versatility, and an excellent finishing card with Vengeance.

So I didn't know what I would face, and this deck can do a double Raptor Herder Round 1 for a quick swarm and go for a big Vengeance Round 2, or it can go 2 HKs, etc.

My FF vs Adam was Summon Frostback Bear, Summon Fallen (didn't play it R1), HK, Choke, HP.

With HP and Choke (on his Bounty), I limited Adam to a String Mage and Sonic Swordsman Round 1, and just putting his Ghostly Mount book out.

My HK killed his String Mage, his swordsman hit James and killed the HK. Then I convened for a second HK which, along with the bear, hit Orrick for 7. After that I raced him in Round 2, with Adam getting a bad draw with no units. The convened Stormwind Sniper sealed the deal!

Thanks Adam for a great game, and thanks also to Adam, Brian, and Carl for running this awesome league!


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