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Wait you picked Harold??!

Harold Westraven

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 21
  • Spellboard 2


This was the deck I played in the frontdoor finals game of AIL 3 against Matt B. I was pretty sure he would ban Harold and make me play my other deck (Jessa) so I honestly didn't spend a lot of time thinking about this deck. It's obviously highly derivative of the Ruby's Push deck that won Gencon for Carl. I had never played this deck before the game, and it was actually only my second ever competitive game using Harold (now 0-2 with him). That said, it's obviously a strong deck.

It ended up being a fantastic game against Matt's mill Fiona ( He rescued my Gilder summon in round 1, which was pretty brutal, but not too surprising. I had first 5'ed Ice Trap in case of an Imperial Ninja, and it ended up being the only Owl discard of the game. So first round went poorly.

After that it was a long grind as I tried to take down his wall and get hits in while Matt tried to get rid of my deck. His 3 Cognitive Dissonance plays did clear some critical cards, notably my third Harvest Soul and my third Mist Typhoon. Cognitive Dissonance has really brought mill back into the meta.

I was way up late in the game, having taken no damage, but by early round 3 Matt started doing damage with Abundance (using Ingenuity to unexhaust for four activations) and the focus ability of orchid doves. I had to pull all the tricks to keep swinging, including the classic swing-spirits-then-meditate-them-away-to-create-space-for-more-bears trick at the tail end of round 4.

I was able to nearly clear board late in round 4, and my swing early in round 5 got Fiona down to 2 life (after redirect took away one Bear hit). I had two unexhausted Frost Bites and plenty of dice, but I only got to use one of them before the second Abundance hit killed me. All 23 hits to me were from Abundance or Orchid Dove focus.

After the game we identified lots of little things we each could have done differently that might have made a difference of one or two life here and there. The last mistake was my failure to play particle shield to prevent one wound on a Frostback Bear from an Essence Druid counter in my final swing. The one wound is obviously irrelevant, but the Particle Shield would have gone to deck and saved me one damage from Abundance, allowing me to survive the second Abundance of the round and win on the next turn with my last Frost Bite.

Ashes is a great game.


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