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Fiona Mill--Round 4 Top Cut AIL Season 3

Fiona Mercywind

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 15
  • Spellboard 5


This is the deck I used vs Adam's 4 nat/ 4 ill/ 2 cha Harold. I brought this and Astrea, he brought Harold and Jessa. I thought I had a better shot vs Harold with my mill strategy, as I have a lot of cheap units that are going to die, and Jessa could probably kill me with Screams before my mill kicks in.

So I tried to put out lots of Turtles early to gum up the battlefield, and use Abundance and Cognitive Dissonance to deck Adam as fast as possible, before he could get Harold online.

Harold's ability to kill my turtles and wipe out my one life units (he had 3 mist typhoons) made it a very challenging game, but I won in the end with an Abundance hit with one life left!

I think with my committment to charm, mind probe would be a good add. If I could seek out Harold's Harvest Soul, for example, before using Abundance, I could really hurt him. I also didn't have a lot of time to test this, but last minute I dropped my 2 purges for my 2nd and 3rd copy of Mind Maze, which proved very useful.

Thanks for the game Adam!


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