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Hello Old Friend (AIL Top 10 Week 4)


  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4


This is the deck I took vs Brian's Coal in my final game of the AIL Season 3. I had a great start by getting an Elephant down round 1 and hypno swing it at the top of round 2 but things went south for me there. My round 2 draw didn't go so well and Brian was able to slash, 100 Blades and seeds of aggression a devoted elephant to death. I had no punching power after that as I didn't draw my second Elephant in round 3. A top of round kneel on round 4 kept me in it until round 5 when I eventually got overrun.

Great run in the League and I'm happy with ending in the top 10. Thanks to all the guys who keep the TTS community alive and well. I'll see you all in season 4 of the AIL.


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