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New Ideas for Coal (AIL top cut)


My Round 3 AIL top cut deck (the deck name is lame. So, let me know if you have a better suggestion).

I built this deck expecting my opponent (Jason) to play some sort of swarm, as his prior two wins had come with James and Harold. Main goal of my deck is to get a lot of draw set up early, and use crickets to recur cards for additional slash. Ideal trick is if you can force opponent to give you back new ideas. Instead of swarms, PyP presented me with Astrea & Jessa (both in charm / divine / ceremonial). I picked Astrea.

Looked very bad for me when Jason laid down an Elephant + owl + admonisher + LoB + Hypno round 1. I took overkill 2 from elephant swing. And then took full elephant swing to face (via Hypno round 2). Key to game was killing elephant. Jason had a devotion on the elephant. So, to kill it I had to use a combination of 2x 100 blades + 2x seeds of aggression (played on exhausted crickets) + 2 slashes for 8 damage. After that things worked in my favor, aided by illusion pressure and slash.


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