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Who Invited Him to the Party?


I took this for Week 3 of the AIL3 Top 10. I got some payback for Carl beating me all the time. I was locked out of Brennan and he was locked out of Aradel. I went with a FF of Slight of Hand, Hidden Power, Summon Spectral Assassin, Fire Archer and Chant of Revenge. I pregame discarded the Fire Archer. My extra round 1 draws were solid, 2 SS Books and a second Chant. I just started to ping away with burn and swing wide when I could. I forgot to FF Harvest but I got lucky and saw it Round 2. I ended the game with no deck at all but my rolls over the game were far better than Carl's as he rolled 13 basics over the first 2 turns of the game and his draws didn't see him get a lot of extra dice. I got what I needed when I needed it.


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