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Widowmaker-Next (AIL3 Top 10 Week 2)


I took this for week 2 of the Top10 of the AIL's Third Season. I built the same thing in Leo and brought that as well. My opponent chose to lock out Leo. I locked out Vicky with Illusion, Divine, Ceremonial and Charm and 9 conjurations in favor of Namine with Charm, Sympathy and Illusion and 16 Conjurations.

My FF was Elephant, the 3 ready spells and Hidden Power. I rolled 5 basics and let Scott go first. He opened with Owl. I responded with Elephant. He didn't feel like taking 6 so the owl got trampled. He laid down a river skald and I got a little worried that he might be able to deal with the round one elephant. He was able to get it with 4 wounds and use and ancestor spirit to get an extra exhaust token on it. I was happy to live with that. I got all my stuff out despite some illusion pressure. I tutored for a fire archer after when I was out of dice and after Namine had used her ability since I didnt want to risk double exhaustion and also wanted to start digging for my burn. I got a Spirit Poke in at end of round as well. Next round saw me draw 2 sleeping widows, a dark reaping and hidden power. I was happy and garbed a second fire archer with James. From that point I was able to just go wide and start overrunning Namine while nickle and dimeing her with burn as well as pressuring her dice with illusion. In the end Scott having no AoE to deal with the Grave King's swarm really cost him. My favorite play was a top of round swing that saw a monk and fire archer get through for 2 and then choking and essence druid that was in front of the finally awake elephant to get another 2 damage via over kill and drop Namine to 1. Scott responded with chant of protection. I then main action chant, side action med monk book final cry and trigger 2 chats to get lethal.

Scott put up a good run in the AIL and he made me work to stay in it. I'll be happy to see him around next season.


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