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Puppets, bloody puppets

Jessa Na Ni

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Action Spells (8)

Reaction Spells (3)

Conjuration Deck (5)


Fully defensive deck that tries to win through Blood Puppets and burn damage.

First five:

Flex will mainly be Shield Mage, Fire Archer, Anchornaut or Fear.

The idea is to pressure them with Blood puppets that are kept alive as long as possible. Well, if they die, you can also Scream ;-)
Keeping puppets alive mainly works through Drain vitality which transform their killing effort on the puppets into pings on their other units. Then there is also Kneel which puts an end to Blood puppets' Self Inflict for the round.

The rest is just to wall up and keep you healthy. I somehow like the synergies of Reaping Angel and Living Doll whith Shield Mage. Fire Archer and Anchornaut throw in some ping while they also work as fodder for Reaping Angel, as does the Shield Mage. Just don't do attack. Never.


  • if part of your strategy is to wall up, why didn't you include turtle guards?

  • I considered Turtle Guards, as they are very often an option. In principle, they are the only unit with Unit Guard that would fit into the deck. But I thought that the deck doesn't need Unit Guard. It would mainly be used to save Shield Mage, Fire Archer or Anchornaut which are allowed to die, as something has to trigger Chant of Revenge and they can be brought back quite easily, too.

  • I was thinking less unit guard and more meaty blocker. I suppose dread wraiths would work as well, for my idea (less an actual suggestion and more trying to communicate my thoughts). but I can see the need to be triggering chant of revenge

  • The prime meaty blocker here should be Living Doll. I did consider Dread wraith, as well, but three [[ceremonial:class]] is quite a burden. But certainly, there are a lot of options one can try, maybe even with shifting more dice to [[ceremonial]].

  • have you played this deck? if so, how did it do? I've been trying to make a deck with this idea and have been struggling. an advice?

  • I think blood puppets with drain vitality is too costly in terms of dice per round.
    If you switch the dice pool for [[Sympathy]] you can play String mage which also opens up a spell board slot.

    However it immediately starts a fun little minigame which i call "protect the string mage".
    There are two good ways to protect the string mage :

    • Let her die
    • Buff her with Root Armor and then let her Die

    Just kidding : Revive her with [[Ceremonial]]
    You can also put Root Armor on the Blood Puppet after she died, and with 5 life she is hard to kill even if exhausted. "Leting her die" is actually quite difficult.
    Other than normal Blood Puppet stuff this can actually keep the opponent busy for quite some time.
    Or they play Brennen Blackcloud and then you cry.

    There is one real advantage to this strategy : You are not locked as tightly into the blood puppet plan. You only need 3 to 4 deck slots for this plan and can just leave the cards in the deck for certain opponents.
    With ready spells this is a lot harder to do.
    Also with Sympathy you have access to Magic Syphon and Changing Winds which just make your life nice and easy.

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