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Week 6 Hail Mary(AIL Season 3)


I took this for week 6 of the AIL season 3. I played vs a Sympathy/Illusion/Natural Echo deck that used Bears, Shadow Spirits and Ancestor Spirits. I won and in the end gave up 2 blood points.

My FF was Mount, Gilder, Grave Knight, Hammer Knight and Law of Assurance. Since I didn't have to worry about choke I wanted to put out a lot of big threats round 1. Echo just has a hard time dealing with mounts due to the side action summon speed and the ability to self clear. I was covered in exhaustion at the end of round 1 but I was able to kill all the units on the other side of the table. Round 2 saw me get a favorable draw with a Hidden Power, Blood Chains and Elephant. I cleared/exhausted any units that came out then had the Elephant ride a dinosaur, then dismount and hit for 9 damage on an open field. I went first in round 3 and had the Elephant swing again for the win. Fortunate for me I never had to suck up a Chaos Gravity.

The deck is basically a modified version of Magnitude 11 but used charm for Gilder and Round 1 Owl pressure. It also runs Grave knights Instead of Sonic Swordsman and the Mounts instead of Bears. While it doesn't have the typical burn support you normally see in Orik(Frostbite/Molten), you will note this build has all the Overkill you could want. That is ultimately the decks win condition in a stalled board state.


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