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Stolen Sacrifices - AIL round 3


  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4


I played this deck against Adam Tar in round 3 of the AIL league. He played Orrick with a similar spell board (Cerasaurus + chant of sac). This is certainly not one of my better decks (& is likely to go onto the scrap heap). The idea, however, was to use chant of sacrifice to insure you always have a way to get top value out of mark of the goddess. Problem is it is hard to fit everything into FF and you need to draw into some ready spells (fallen + chant or revenge).

I had a bit of bad luck with all 3 of my chant of revenge buried in the bottom 5 cards. But even so the deck really did not have enough burn to run the way I would have liked. I had basically two good rounds (those in which I had a Mark of the Goddess in hand), but in every other round I was at a steep dice disadvantage against Orrick. Adam used this to build up an advantage on the battlefield, but his deck also did not have much in the way of burn, and once I drew into fallen we fell into a semi-stalemate. Neither of us could swing without leaving our battlefield exhausted and open to much more damage coming back. That being said, Adam was in control most of the match, and I think Orrick is probably a better PB for getting full value out of the mounts.


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