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Harold Double Spirit--AIL Season 3 Week 4


This is the deck I ran vs Christian's One-Turn-KO Rin in week 4.

His dice spread was Illusion, Divine, Sympathy, so I expected lots of dice recursion and draw, and lots of one life units like Hollow and Raptor Herder (and I assumed correctly that he had Spectral Assassin and Raptors, as his conjuration count was 6). I'd recently faced a few of these styles of decks, so I wanted to patiently wait out the storm of cards and dice early.

So I FFed Bear, Gilder, Spirit, Harvest, and Mist Typhoon. I was able to use all 3 Harvests, build a board, and close out with focused Frostbite. Christian was hurt by meditating off some of his dice cards (and having others buried deep in his deck). The decisive point was at the beginning of round 4 when I went first and mist typhooned all of his one life units.

Scott Baker recorded the game, so thanks to him for that! GG Christian!


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