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Sexual T-Rex


I used this for week 3 of the AIL Season 3. I lost a game vs Brennan that used Bear/Knight tactics for more battlefield pressure and get dice advantage with Illusion and Chant of the Dead. I had a hard time keeping units out since my I meditated my second Monk book and the third was in the bottom half of my deck(right next to my other chants). Earthquake could have done a lot of work but I only had one shoe at an only OK time to play it. The Life Gain the deck could put out is pretty real and I think in the end I basically got to play a 30 life Phoenix Born. I just couldn't grind away at Brennan's life fast enough with only 1 chant and unreliable mounts. In the end I got 14 Blood Points.

I would play this deck again and I do not think that this is necessarily the best representation of its capabilities. Xander is good and I still believe it.


  • Interesting. Why the overbooked spellboard? Do you choose between the mounts and bears depending on the matchup?

  • The bears are there mostly for the match ups when I think Monks will be too slow or i just generally want to apply more pressure on,the battlefield.

    Generally the FF should be Mount, Monk, Chant, Raptor and Shepard with a pregame discard of the Raptor and Shepard. I did this in my,week 3 game but sadly my random draws were a sun sister and blood chains.

  • Makes sense. Thanks! Interesting that you think sun sister is a bad random draw though. When I run mounts, I usually include sun sister in my FF. Even with Xander's reincarnate ability, I would think mounting the sun sister would make for a strong start.

  • I already had the Shepard of lost souls for the recursion. I really needed to see a second chant or monk book, the other raptor hearder would have been great as well.

  • I'm curious what the general game plan/idea is with this deck? I haven't messed around with the mounts much and am looking to find out more about how best to utilize them.

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