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Fear the B-Blow (ft L Doll)

Jessa Na Ni

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (1)

Alteration Spells (1)

Reaction Spells (4)

Conjuration Deck (8)


This is my week 3 deck from AIL season 3.0. I won against a Namine deck that fast focused butterflies and shadow spirits.

This deck relies heavily on Jessa's screams of the departed to generate burn damage. Befuddling blow, triggered by either reclaim soul or seeds of destruction, is a very efficient ways to clear units from opponents board, leaving dice left over to pay screams. If you clear enough units you can sometimes get a lion to swing through onto opponent PB.

The lucky rabbit serves three purposes (i) cheap unit to fill board, (ii) shift dice color when needed (this feature of lucky rabbit is often overlooked), and (iii) occasional cost reduction on summoning all of the 3+ units.

Finally, the Living Doll is a nice way to accelerate burn. Indeed it can let you get full value out of befuddling blow even when your opponent only has 1 unit on board.


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