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Self Damage + String Mage

Jessa Na Ni

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (7)

Action Spells (2)

Reaction Spells (4)

Conjuration Deck (6)


Root Armor
String Mage
Small Sacrifice
Summon Dread Wraith
Magic Syphon

The main win condition is to destroy opponents units with String Mage and small sacrifice and use jessas ability.
Very effective against decks that only play creatures with 2 or less life.

Dread wraith serves as a damage token battery and blocker if needed.
Life alterations are somewhat needed to keep the stringmage from dying.

A little small on the life point side.


  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    I love this style of string mage play. Have you considered poison if you're going down this route?

  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    I have and the problem is that the string mage taking damage becomes obligatory which makes timing a real issue.
    You can cope with Iron Workers but in the end that is a stile choice and i chose Temple elder instead.
    My opponents mostly played slow decks that could order their operations in a way that prevents them from having Units for a few turns and in that world poison is really bad for you once you have it in play.

    You also might need to change the deck a little to get some null-main actions, like using prepare to put cards under your phoenixborn and then retrieve them.

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