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Creepy Koji AIL 3 Week 2


Played versus Jason Pere's Brennen Nat/Cer that used Turtle Guards and Butterfly Monks to wall up after starting fast with Rising Dead and Summon Sleeping Widows. Koji and Brennen both filled their Battlefields in the second round. Game was over early in the third round even though Brennen only had one Chant of Revenge out, with Koji achieving 11 blood points. At that stage Koji had all three Luminous Seedlings with 2 status tokens on them, so any slower deck would have had trouble dealing with the situation. I had originally been thinking of playing this deck with Jericho, who would have been better suited to dealing with Widows, but worse on engine-building as she wouldn't have the life gain or be able to get the Luminous Seedlings to Blossom as often. Good game :)


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