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Bloody Future


This is a targeted mill deck, using rimea's visions, abundance and dark presence to discard opponent's key cards and try to leave him with useless cards in hand. And Ghostly Mount helps weakening his life points before he effectively runs out of cards.

This was my deck in my AIL3 Week 1 match against Samuel. It was very tense against his iOS Vicky. From what I remember the match last at least 4 or 5 rounds.
First thing, Vicky dropped a Holy Knight on the battlefield. I (wrongly) choose to construct my spellboard instead of putting a Battle Seer down, and took a big hit in the face.
Next we were both preparing our board, Vicky used Shadow Spirit, Butterfly Monk and Abundance, while I was using Ghostly Mount, Abundance and Dark Presence.

On the second Round, I draw into 2 Summon Ghostly Mount which allowed me to use Nightmare Mount and pass his defense wall of small cheap unit, except for the Holy Knight that he kept around for a long long time. The next rounds was a little game of how to attack efficiently without letting our phoenixborn completely defenseless. He drew more Butterfly monk as I was trying constantly to foresee his deck and discard the card I wanted. He exhausted lots of my dice, but never the ones I really needed.

In the end, his deck ran out. But it was enough for him to launch a final attack that killed me with my 2 life points left.

I decided to replace my Master Vampire with Essence Druid (FF) so that I can meditate until 1 of my ready spell come out and get it back with it. That may help me build my engine to empty the opponent's deck. My typical FF would probably be Abundance, Ghostly Mount, Dark Presence, Essence Druid and flex (usually Hidden Power as i will need dice for the cards I draw subsequently).


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