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The Boy Among Wolves

Koji Wolfcub

  • Battlefield 10
  • Life 16
  • Spellboard 3


This is the official deck for Koji Wolfcub, available as a small-box expansion.

First Five suggestion pending.


  • Any chance we can get Issac to post his recommended First Five? It's hard to teach this game when only half the pre-cons have a F5 listed, and personally I'd rather not guess.

  • For Koji base deck I'd probably recommend:

    Summon Indiglow Creeper
    Join The Hunt
    Summon Biter
    Jungle Warrior
    Lick Wounds

    Lick Wounds could be replaced with Sleeping Bear in some matchups. Jungle Warrior could be replaced as well if you suspect your opponent is playing burn or mill.

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