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Quick Draw Jericho--AIL Season 3 Week 1

Jericho Kill

  • Battlefield 9
  • Life 15
  • Spellboard 4


This is the deck I used vs Matt Hodsdon in week 1. He played a Brennen and threw burn at my face, doing a good job keeping me from getting a big swing in on Round 2 (he went first round 1). At the end of Round 2, we both had 2 life, and he went first and spirit burned for the win! It was a great match. I built a big board, but couldn't capitalize.

In retrospect, I should have chosen to go first, and I should not have FFed Essence Druid. I love essence druid in this deck, because it essentially gives you another draw (if you discard pregame), and it can stop a huge threat. But Matt had no HK dice, so I definitely would've been better off starting Battle Seer. Anyway, it was a very exciting match!


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