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Rainbow Namine


Playing around with parallel cost.
A lot of cards could be switched out, but Encore and Magic Syphon seem quite necessary.

A version with Fiona Mercywind might work because of the phoenixborn ability as well.


  • you do realise that naming has a spellbound of 4?

    also, the die split is erratic, to say the least, did you consider orrick gilstream?

    whats your typical first five?

  • This is not meant to be competitive in any way. It is 100% about the gimmick.
    You can actually play all but one ready spell since most of them leave the board after usage.

    whats your typical first five?

    You are supposed to select good cards in your deck dependent on opponent and try to play those and ignore the others. Encore is really important for that.

    Orrick does not have Encore so i did not consider him.

  • I wanted to publish a prototype of this deck with only the 15 important cards but you are not allowed to do that.

    So here is the decklist :
    Rainbow Namine (Prototype)

    Phoenixborn: Namine Hymntide

    1x Ceremonial
    1x Charm
    1x Illusion
    1x Natural
    1x Divine
    5x Sympathy

    Cards (15/30):

    Ready Spells (4):
    1x Magic Syphon
    3x Resonance

    Allies (5):
    1x Hollow
    2x Master Vampire
    1x Polarity Mage
    1x Raptor Herder

    Action Spells (6):
    3x Encore (Namine Hymntide)
    1x Seeds Of Aggression
    2x Transmute Magic

    Conjuration Deck:
    3x Raptor Hatchling

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