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The Protector of Argaia

Fiona Mercywind

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 15
  • Spellboard 5

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (3)

Alteration Spells (3)

Action Spells (9)

Reaction Spells (3)

Conjuration Deck (7)


This is the official deck for Fiona Mercywind, available as a small-box expansion.

First Five suggestion pending.


  • What do you recommend for the first five?
    What's her general play style/technique?

  • I would say that with Fiona`s base deck you would like to play a value game. Nightsong Cricket Can save you from meditating and if combined with Cognitive Dissonance you can often get back the exact card you want (Using dissonance also progress you very well towards milling your opponent).You can put quite a big walll using Majestic Titan and Essence Druid. The combo of Seeds of Aggression and Majestic Titan gives you great control over the board. During game you may try to sneak in some damage with Mind Fog Owl. Finally you can shut down your opponent in later rounds using double focused Confusion Spores along with Exhortation.
    For first five i would suggest:
    Summon Majestic Titan
    Summon NightSong Cricket
    Summon Mind Fog Owl
    Mind Maze
    New Ideas
    Please note that i didn`t play Fiona and all of this is clearly theoretical. If you have any suggestions as to make her ff better i would really appreciate it.

  • Just to give you guys an impression on how insane things get with Fionas Card pool.
    Is actually quite possible to summon 3 Nightsong Crickets with this deck in the first round.

    Put one summon in your starting hand as well as Essence Druid.
    Meditate until you get another copy into your discard pile and play the Druid and play the summon the next turn.
    Activate the summon once.
    Next turn activate Fionas ability once to discard another summon and remove the exhaustion from the other. Then activate both via focus 1.

    You now have spend (1+1+2) [[Sympathy]] and and (1+1+1) [[basic]] but because you meditated like a mad man there is no way in hell that you do not have the needed symbols.
    You will also get back 3 cards as the Crickets die and can use their ability to reduce enemy dice instead of increasing your own.
    If you have new Ideas in Hand you can sometimes get up to two owl summons on the board, which you might both be able to activate.

  • I'm worried about having only one Majestic Titan in my conjuration deck.
    How is it gonna be affected by Sembali's ability and/or Veil of Reversal?

  • Sembali ability won't work since you will always choose to remove other copies from conjuration pile(where in this case are no copies).

  • it is worth being afraid of chained creations and harvest soul though

  • If you are really attached to the Titan :
    I think Alterations are removed after destruction, so if the unit that is to be removed from the game has Angel's Embrace it is immune at the relevant time frame.
    SeaSide Ravens can definitely not be removed from the game for similar reasons.

    In General : Conjuration removal is quite costly.
    The trigger for chained creations is quite a restriction because the card already wants 2 colors and you have to pay for a trigger, which is at least 1 more die and more if you want to use respark.

    Because majestic titan is such a big unit you can just treat the summon spell like a one time use card like Summon Archasaurus Mount.
    That is good enough in many cases.
    If your playgroup uses conjuration removal you can just put more different summons in your deck instead of 3 copies of each.
    You will have a gigantic conjuration pile which they will never get through with Chained Creations alone and you can easily afford to sacrifice summons to Law of Banishment.
    For example getting rid of all Mist Spirit or Indiglow Creeper is real dice intensive work. If you just have a totally different conjuration after they cleared them out it might be to much for them to deal with.

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