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Snow Rabbit

Rin Northfell

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 17
  • Spellboard 4


This was my deck for AIL Season 3. It didn't do the best (Record 1-5), but all of my matches save one were very close. I do think the deck is generally pretty strong, and can be surprisingly flexible.

Rabbits, Golems, Lions
Double Flex

When in doubt, I grab Frost Bite and either Ice Trap or Rin's Fury.

I pick Law of Assurance against heavy Illusion, which I'm willing to throw out for Frost Bite but only after my board is set up. You could alternatively just grab Rin's Fury.

I pick Ice Trap against heavy Charm to snipe either a Three-Eyed Owl or Imperial Ninja. I might also grab it against heavy Nature and Divine, if I think opponent is running Sun Sister and mounts.

I pick Dispel against Astrea, mostly because I don't like getting wrecked by Mark of the Goddess with Blood Chains.

Choke is great against Harold, Orrick and possibly Astrea.

Nature's Wrath with Pain Shaman is a fantastic start against 1-life rushdown decks.


  • Looks like a decent deck. I haven't given much thought to Ice Golem but they are probably pretty good now that ice trap isn't everywhere. I like your answer to the one life rush decks. Those decks seem all over the place now. Why just one lucky rabbit book?

  • Hugely flexible deck and I definitely struggled against it in our match this week. Was easily the longest league match I've played. I didn't count the rounds but felt like we were approaching 8 or 9.

  • While I do like the Focus 1 ability on Summon Lucky Rabbit, the unit itself was also a fairly low priority. I rarely found the need to summon more than 1 per game, so while having Focus 1 would be nice, I usually didn't need to summon again and would rather draw into more utility.

    If I were to try constructing another rabbit deck, I'd probably reconsider it.

  • That makes sense but at that point why have rabbit at all? You can have battle mage for basically the same cost and round two you can have a die back for sure rather than needing a bit of luck.

    This does look like a very flexible deck.

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