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Snow Rabbit


Main Goal:
Fill out your board with tons of reasonably powerful units. Lucky Rabbit triggers on almost everything since all your summons and units cost 3, as well as Rin's Fury. You can use any extra dice to help pay for more units, various action spells, or even just dump them on a focused Frost Bite.

Rabbits, Golems, Lions
Double Flex

When in doubt, I grab Frost Bite and either Ice Trap or Rin's Fury.

I pick Law of Assurance against heavy Illusion, which I'm willing to throw out for Frost Bite but only after my board is set up. You could alternatively just grab Rin's Fury.

I pick Ice Trap against heavy Charm to snipe either a Three-Eyed Owl or Imperial Ninja. I might also grab it against heavy Nature and Divine, if I think opponent is running Sun Sister and mounts.

I pick Dispel against Astrea, mostly because I don't like getting wrecked by Mark of the Goddess with Blood Chains.

Finally, I might consider grabbing a Law of Domination and Ice Trap against Luminous Seedling.


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