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Shame On You, Rodent style


Shame them to death with your raccoons!!!! there are two methods i see for using admonishers, either fill up your field so there is no room, or have enough room to make them all hit the field. Jericho is the best way to make that happen, Idea is to set up a Holy Knight early to keep a presence on the board. you actually want to bait out some actions on your opponents part, you may take a few lumps in round one and thats ok. then you want to drop all of your admonishers as fast as possible. if they try and kill them off, sweet, they will likely net you more actions in the longrun and having a raccoon eat a blood archer or a knight attack is freaking hilarious.
double edge is your best friend here. as it will find you your other admonisher books faster. feel free to ditch cards to deal damage where you see fit but i primarily use it as a free card draw mechanic. With your wolves you wanna tax away power dice or remaining combo dice if you can tell what they wanna be casting. admonishers are cheap and if they stick around to rounds end they deal DoT damage to the PB. I assume they are shaming him or her aggressively.

FF holy knight, summon admonisher, summon shadow spirit, double edge, hidden power. this is for a sprint out the raccoons strat.
alt FF: Spear master, shepherd of lost souls, summon admonisher, holy knight, double edge. this allows for a fast battle advantage creature, bin the Holy knight to the spear master, follow up with a shepherd to return it to your hand from your bin, cast again. double edge adds card draw for free and possible focus or acquisition of another summon book.
Elephants are there to be elephants or retool magics you dont feel so bad about. Sacred ground to keep your judgy trash pandas safe from meteors.


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