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I Have You Now

Noah Redmoon

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3


This guy wants to cripple the plan on the first round by removing threats early with battle advantage creature attacks and shadow target. by locking out a summon book before it gets used on the first round you may force a FF to not quite do as much as it wanted to. Mild taxing from orchid doves almost always requires an action to handle, even if it just means paying the tax, Im fine with that! transfer to mess with your enemy's exhaust order, change P for repeatable attacks or spot removal as well as unit guard mitigation.
Noah has an impressive life total, and we dont really require many summons here as we run a lot of allys, and there are plenty of doves in the stack should we need them.
Blood archers pay your dividends in this deck and no mistake. they will outright kill a holy knight and take no crackback if they blood sacrifice, and undying heart makes that doable twice a round with a change psy or transfer. Add a charm die side action and a blood archer will also murder an elephant outright. he pays off pretty well.
While the archer does his job keeping the board clear of biggies, the psy vampires and ninjas keep the enemy hand from getting too nuts and make attacking seem less palatable and noah doesnt really care if he takes a few hits anyway.
FF usually Psy vamp, blood archer, summon dove, ninja, drain vit. this allows me to lock out a summon book or ready spell if needed round one and still have the dice to drop the whole 5. kill every big threat you can with up to 2 swings with the blood archer.
After r1 you want to have board advantage. Drain vit is your friend, especially with the archers, as keeping them alive and killing smalls or finishing off bigs is super important. call to action here. Call to action is a really nice surprise when someone thinks your battle advantage troop is outa commission. meditate freely, you want those vamps in the bin anyway, you're ceremony with a big ol life total, use it.

in summary: remove threats first, limit enemy resources by shadow target, ninja, and aggressive creature attacks. Leverage advantage from r2.


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