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burn the forest!

Brennen Blackcloud

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (8)

Action Spells (8)

Reaction Spells (7)

Conjuration Deck (15)


I’m mostly publishing this deck so that I can share it with a friend, but this is a burn deck that I have had a reasonable amount of success with.

The first five is the three ready spells, fire archer and flex. My regular fifth card is choke, but this is swapped out for natures wrath is I’m expecting a swarm deck or dark reaping if I see mid-heavy illusion. When facing harold, the flex becomes anchornaut in case my fire archer gets RFG-ed.

I think the deck mostly speaks for itself but i will speak for it anyway. The wincon is face damage from fire archers, chant of revenge and spirit burn. More damage comes from my spells like final cry and molten gold. turtle guards and butterfly monks keep my health high, and hammer knights and sleeping widows helps me have some battlefield presence.


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