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Finish Your Collection Tournament - 2nd Place Ruby's Push v3


This is a Harold deck that many of you have seen before that has won a slam jam and gencon. This version of Ruby's Push is a tad slower because I went 2 charm instead of 1 for Seal. I needed a consistent fallen counter round 1. That lessens the natures presence and removes 2 MG. Seal did come through clutch twice in the tournament. Outside that I'm going to focus on other decks I saw.

Round 1 I won against lead playtester Nick Conley. He brought his typical Fear the Bear with a Fallen twist. I did not include angelic rescue in my first five but played it off as if I did include it. That delayed his first fear until round 3 and gave me time to build a battlefield.

Round 2 I won against a sleeping widow Jerricho. Think Window Maker. He rushed to a lot of damage but I was able to clear his board and win early round 2.

Round 3 I tied against Christian. We both had a few chances to win. He would of won had he had an extra round.

Round 4 was against the great Snake tamer in Stuart. This was probably my favorite match. He ran Titan, Snake and Hypno. Used hypno titan to get tokens on his snake then use hypno snake later in the round. With such big units I needed mark to be able to combo into harvest. That wasn't able to happen until round 3 due to 2 clutch Golden Veils by Stuart. It was rough playing with 2 spellboard through 2 rounds. It was close and Stuart got 16 BP on me.

Round 5's pairing would be huge. Christian and I were both 3-0-1 and one of us would be paired against Brian who was 4-0. The winner of that game won the tournament. While I would of loved a chance to win it, Christian deserved it more as if our game didn't end in a tie he would of likely won. I beat Alex's one trick pony. Two very well timed Mist Typhoons and a well timed seal did it for me. This one trick pony is a bit more consistent with changing winds but does not have the same burst potential. Personally, I prefer his previous version with Out of the Mist and Secret Door.

A few things I saw that I want to note: --Brian pulled out a great remorse against Christians Coal and sealed him the win by forcing draw damage and removing slash options. The game was close at that point.
-Issac played Tristan with Dread Wraiths.
-There were a few fallen decks. I saw a fallen mirror match that is pretty interesting.

Congrats to Brian! The win couldn't have gone to a nicer guy. I'm happy that you were finally able to get your first big tournament win and show everyone you are among the best.


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