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Mushroom Farmer


This deck uses the combo of Rimea's Visions and the Fog of War ability from Dark Presence to selectively mill the most important cards out of an opponent's deck. The win condition is direct PB damage via chants, ambush, and late game finishing with Abundance and focused Dark Presence.

With Abundance on board, you can be extremely selective in your milling, using it to give your opponent the cards you are least concerned about and essentially searching the deck for cards to mill with Fog of War. At the same time, Abundance is handy for allowing you to focus Dark Presence, Chant of Revenge, and Abundance.

Using Visions to scout ahead, and trying to anticipate your opponent's draws/meditates, is important to getting the most out of your milling. Most milling comes from Fire Archer ambush triggering Fog of War, although later in the game you often use the Dark Presence focus power directly to finish the deck and pile on more damage (this also avoids extra damage from using [[ceremonial:power]] to recur Fire Archers).

Generally, there are three classes of cards you are specifically looking to mill out:

  • Any dice recursion cards (e.g. Hidden Power, Gates Thrown Open, and Dark Reaping). Since you are running abundance, feeding your opponent cards that give them more dice to use extra cards is really bad. This is the main weakness of Abundance mill in the current meta, and Visions allows you to avoid it.
  • Focus-friendly ready spells (Shadow Spirits, Butterfly Monks, Chant of Revenge, etc). Many decks are counting on those focus effects, so deny them.
  • Super-strong unique cards (Fear, Harvest Soul, etc).

Cards that give your opponent extra draw (Hand Tricks, Double Edge, etc) are excellent cards to bury at the bottom of the deck, since they are pretty useless when drawn late. It's also worth burying allies that can be easily recurred from discard (e.g. Anchornaut, Fire Archer, or really any ally if your opponent is running Sun Sisters or Shepherds). You often have to pick your poison and leave your opponent some strong cards, but as long as they don't have extra dice, you are limiting their efficiency.

The struggle with this deck is maintaining board presence and managing the side action economy. You are often using every side action you have for most of the round, so plan ahead, using Visions to set up needed meditates and to figure out whether you are going to use Abundance or Fog of War next. The lone Iron Worker in the deck can be surprisingly useful.

The typical first 5 is Dark Presence, Abundance, Ancestor Spirit, Turtle Guard, and Fire Archer.


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