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No One Mourns the Wicked


First Five: 2[[sympathy:class]] 1[[charm:class]] 1[[ceremonial:power]] 2[[ceremonial:class]] 1 [[basic]] = 7 TN
Summon Salamander Monk
Summon Three-Eyed Owl
Summon Vampire Bat Swarm
Psychic Vampire

The above FF is all about disruption. Psychic Vampire + Three-Eyed Owl + Regress is a very annoying combination to deal with. This gives you enough time to draw into your burn cards

Chant of Revenge instead of Three-Eyed Owls or Salamander Monks.
Master Vampire instead of Regress if you want to be more aggressive
Fire Archer great against owls.
Choke so that Orrick does not overrun you

The rest of the deck pretty much plays itself. Probably meditate away Summon Salamander Monk once you draw into your first Chant of Revenge. Final Cry and Sympathy Pain are very important to get off, but you can actively trigger them with [[ceremonial:power]] action or Brennan's ability.


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