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Spiral nonsense

Aradel Summergaard

  • Battlefield 8
  • Life 16
  • Spellboard 4


An easy Indiglow Creeper deck.
I like this because it quite disruptive for the opponent.
First Five is usually
Summon Indiglow creeper
Magic Syphon
Summon Three-Eyed Owl
Flex I
Flex II

Flex I : Ally or summon Gilder
Flex II : Open Memories, Transfer or Redirect
Transfer can be used to summon another Unit by moving the exhaustion token onto Creeper that is already exhausted. If you draw it later on it can help relocate a status token or deactivate an opponents unit.

Against value decks this is a no-brainer. You just play the creepers and the owls out, Battlefield is never an issue and you mostly just autowin.
Direct damage is however a real problem, and redirect on average only buys you 2 life points against heavy aggression, sometimes 4.


  • Aren`t you afraid of milling Summon Indiglow Creeper with hand tricks?

  • Well, you don't need to use Return 1 while Hand Tricks is in your Discard Pile. Then it only acts as an accelerator to draw through your Draw Pile.

  • If so wouldn`t Open Memories be better? i know that you pay 2 dice, but also you get to choose which card you want to get from your deck. And focused Summon Indglow Creeper is way better than unfocused one.

  • I did the math on this one and the difference in draw percentage (which you can calculate with Hypergeometric Distribution) is as follows :

    • 3 Handtricks, 1 Open Memories : 21% success in round 2.
    • 3 Handtricks , 2 Open Memories : 48% success in round 2.
    • 2 Handtricks, 3 Open Memories : 71% success in round 2.

    If you feel that is worth the increased chance to pay extra go for it. I already did not feel to good about the second Open Memories, but it did increase the successrate from about 21% to close to 50% which i thought was worth a lot.

    I have played this deck maybe 3 times and i always had my conjuration game online by round 2 or 3.
    The deck is old and not optimized in many regards. However this way you never draw 2 Open memories in one hand which is also worth something.

  • Open Memories seems to be an almost auto-include in Summon Indiglow Creeper decks with Summon Gilder, as you will be [[charm]] anyway. Even though I am not eager to pull out Hypergeometric Distribution, I can see that additional copies will increase your focussing efforts in round 2. But I would guess that lidjan1#40jr was asking for Open Memories in the FF, which you only flexed.

    Btw. now one could think of replacing Hand Tricks with New Ideas. But it is for sure not strictly better.

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