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Burn, Baby, Burn v1

Brennen Blackcloud

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3


This is a very straight-forward burn deck: you’ll wall up then burn them to death. They playing Elephant Rider? Astrea? Eh, who cares. You don’t need to attack, anyway.

First Five:

Brennen's Spirit Burn (1)

Thunder Number: 10 (tight vs. [[illusion]]; if facing that or probable discard take Anchornaut as your flex, and possibly forgo summoning a Butterfly Monk round 1).


Your win condition is direct damage to their Phoenixborn: there’s 18 damage available via cards alone, plus 3-5 recurring damage a round with Spirit Burn + Chant Of Revenge. And if they exhaust everything attacking you, Summon Sleeping Widows will teach them you can attack if given the chance, too.

Everything else in the deck is merely to stall them out on the Battlefield. Butterfly Monk with an accompanying Turtle Guard is a potent defense most decks will struggle to deal with. Hammer Knight excels at narrowing their board by killing both large and small threats. Anchornaut keeps pressure on their units and recurs for free after Spirit Burning (most fun combo: Anchornaut as a [[main]]. Exhaust to damage a unit. Spirit Burn as a [[side]], destroying the Anchornaut. 3x Chant Of Revenge and Final Cry in response to Anchornaut dying. 7 damage to the Phoenixborn in 1 turn without attacking. And if you pull this with a Fire Archer instead it’s 8 damage).

If they lock a Knight or Turtle down with exhaustion, Blood Chains is your friend. Or if you want to do the same to them and have a lightly injured Turtle around.

Ice Trap is a meta-dependent card. I run it to deal primarily with Flute Mage or Winged Lioness if they show up first turn to ruin my fun. If your meta lacks low health, high priority threats you could swap it out (maybe for Hand Tricks to improve consistency, or something like Dark Reaping or Choke).

Your biggest threat is probably Kneel. Meteor actually helps keep your battlefield small, but widespread exhaustion will mean you’ll be taking a lot of damage to the face. On the plus side, Brennen can take a few hits, so long as you don’t make a huge habit of it.

As long as you focus on stacking damage on their Phoenixborn and save your few attacks for freebies or keeping both boards narrow, this is another deck that usually pilots itself.



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