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Stagger Shield

Sembali Grimtongue

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (3)

Reaction Spells (2)

Conjuration Deck (3)


Shield Mage or Anchornaut (depends on matchup)
Small Sacrifice
Chained Creations
Shifting Mist
Leech Warrior

Tons of tech around Shield Mage in this deck. Strongest synergy is with Small Sacrifice since you don't mind dealing damage to her (or anything on your board thanks to that life gain), and because she takes advantage of the Focus 1 ability fantastically. If your opponent decides to focus her down, it really only plays in your favor since it triggers Sembali's ability AND you can [[ceremonial:power]] fetch her for 0 to trigger your Chained Creations.

Just about everything in the deck thrives from having more health. Stormwind Sniper and Leech Warrior don't have to waste any Recovery now, and Celestial Knight which was already a pain becomes a flat out nuisance. Plus, it's easy to use Shield Mage for Sembali's ability and for Veil of Reversal as it's a super easy card to replay.

The idea here is to win by burning your opponent out, largely by removing them of their resources. Sembali's ability combined with Chained Creation and Veil of Reversal heavily stifles your opponent's conjurations, Fade Away deals with their allies, and Shifting Mist combined with your [[illusion:power]] dice and Leech Warrior with Small Sacrifice dull your opponent's dice pool (which is fine, you don't need that many dice to function). Eventually, you slow roll your opponent through slow burn via Stormwind Sniper and Fire Archer, heavy recursion, and the sheer power of Celestial Knight.

You could alternatively swap to Astrea and design a bit differently.


  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    To my knowledge, the [[ceremonial:power]] doesn't trigger Chained Creations. They technically have different effects. [[Ceremonial:power]] specifies "add to your hand" where as Chained Creations says "Placed". I haven't heard an official ruling on this, but if it's anything like Transfer or Chaos Gravity on Elephant Rider (place versus move), it might not work off of that. It's mainly just something to keep in mind. (Still not 100% sure on this, but if Plaid Hat keeps consistency, it would not since the wording is different.)

    I really enjoy Small Sacrifice in these types of decks tho. It's also interesting to keep in mind that on Celestial Knight, it doesn't have a minimum of 1 damage, so if you use Small Sacrifice on it, you could do it without harming it at all.

  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.
    By simply using an ally recursion effect (such as the ceremonial dice power) while this spell is in play, you can discard Chained Creations to ...

  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    Cool. Then the wording is just inconsistent. Which is not cool.

  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    To be fair the elephant rider ruling to me seemed like a backwards implementation.
    The Card annoyed people so then the question arose if moving a token is the same as removing it and replacing it Isaac probably backed out and declared it something different to enable slightly more counter play.

    I agree this is not consistent but only on a pedantic level. Other Card games have much much more problems with wording or definitions than ashes.

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