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Big Swings

Lulu Firststone

  • Battlefield 4
  • Life 21
  • Spellboard 4


Summon Sleeping Widows
Choose one set of three:
Iron Worker, Law of Fear, Ice Trap
Summon Lucky Rabbit, Celestial Knight with Final Cry, or Hammer Knight with Meteor

There's a strategy? Lulu Firststone don't got time for complicated thinking. You want a plan, here's one: hit the other person as hard as possible. Then hit them some more. Done.
Okay, we good? Cool.

The only really difficult choice is your first five, and I divide them in two major categories: Burst and Endurance. You're just about always gonna start with Anchornaut and Summon Sleeping Widows since it sets up the incredibly powerful turn 2 Super Spider combo (Anchornaut kills self, make Sleep Widows, Bolster, attack for 6, you're winning). That being said, the rest of your hand can be catered to set up THE BIG PLAYZ ("z" pending trademark) aka the Burst setup, or to actually have a gameplan that expands past the first round aka the Endurance setup.

Burst gameplan is to unleash the ultimate round 1 beatdown, loading up with Law of Fear, Iron Worker and Ice Trap. Super Spider combo is pretty good and hits for like 6 damage and straight to the phoenixborn since they probably don't have time to get a blocker on the field. But if that's too pedestrian, enter THE BIG PLAYZ which waits until turn 3 but hits for a whopping 12 damage ah geez. Instead of doing turn 2 Super Spider, you play Iron Worker instead. Turn 3, you pop the 'Naut, drop Law of Fear to buff your team, use IW's status token for a bonus side to also Bolster with Lulu, and swing on your opponent for a mighty 12 damage. The only problem is that extra turn usually gives your opponent an opportunity to drop a blocker, which is where the risk factor jumps in. You're basically betting/hoping your opponent is dropping a unit that can be sabotaged with Ice Trap, cause if they don't you're in big trouble. Remember kids, R is for "Risk" and if yours doesn't pan out, that "Burst" turns into a "Bust". (See what I did there, it's called a JOKE!) There's also that other problem where this gameplan leaves you with practically nothing to work with past the first round; we're talking minimal board presence, no spellboard, and living on a prayer for the rest of the game. Still, 12 damage can put quite a few phoenixborn in a terrible position, and suddenly makes every Frost Bite, Molten Gold, Fire Archer and Final Cry extra threatening.

Of course, there's always the Endurance play, which is much more encouraged against phoenixborn with larger health pools or annoying abilities. Summon Lucky Rabbit provides you an easy, reliable unit that can give extra dice for focused Frost Bites or Bolsters, and dropping even a single 3-cost ally suddenly turns the fight into a guaranteed slugfest, especially since you won't mind taking essential hits for them with your 21 health.

This is also a deck that reasonably deals with Lulu's weakness while also adhering to her pivotal strength. Phoenix Barrage is a deep pocket of raw, unstoppable power. 4 damage is enough to nuke any unit in the game (with only a couple exceptions), and dealing 2 to your opponent basically makes it a mini Molten Gold that only costs [[basic]] dice to play (and also triggers Lucky Rabbit how about that).

Lulu's biggest weakness, her crippling Battlefield 4, is largely addressed with the extremely effective Meteor. Most of our swings will be all out attacks, mostly to maximize bolster, and it's most apparent on the first turn when we have a field full of nothing but cheap weenie units. Play a Meteor to scrub away all your worthless weaklings and clean that battlefield up, also maybe destroy your opponent's battlefield in the process. Now that your Battlefield is empty again, you can play some new, unexhausted units and swing some more. When your battlefield is small like this, either make sure every unit is an absolute all-star (big allies or massive conjurations), or be willing to wipe the field at a moment's notice. Remember, it's perfectly fine to use Meteor for cleanup...provided you're hitting SOMETHING on the opponent's board as well.

Get Creative:
More direct damage? You can do that. Splash in some [[illusion:power]] and get your Stormwind Sniper in there. Probably throw in some Chant of Revenge too. Bigger threats? We can do that too. Go straight for the jugular with Crimson Bomber, or go for some kind of crazy late game with Summon Iron Rhino. If you want to try out [[sympathy:power]], there's a ton of new powerful plays available with big cards like Beast Mage and Master Vampire, and some sleek fighters like Beast Warrior and Psychic Vampire.


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