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Sunshield Toolbox

Orrick Gilstream

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 4


Gobi Sunshield
Summon Admonisher
Gravity Training
Any two cards you want except Shepherd of Lost Souls

This is not a traditional deck. Good ol' Orrick Gilstream sees a ton of play these days thanks to Bounty and Magic Purity combined with high profile cards like Elephant Rider, Holy Knight and Summon Turtle Guard. But in the wake of these powerful forces, we've forgotten one of Orrick's strongest unit and childhood friend: the Gobi Sunshield.

He often gets overlooked due to his high cost and low power, but with a little assistance via alterations he might be one of the most robust and capable units in the game. His power is just low enough to receive Massive Growth, and his Alert and massive life make him a heinous wall when combined with Spiked Armor and Crystal Shield.

Now I know it can be hard to rely solely on the Sunshield, mostly because he's not the most effective attacker, but similarly to your alterations there are plenty of other cards to help secure the win. Admonishers will help you rack up damage while playing defense, and Flute Mage can be extremely powerful if your Sunshield is sufficiently decked out. Finally, you can protect your valuable units from hard exhaustion with Enhanced Strength and everything else with Angelic Rescue.

Get Creative:
You're playing Orrick Gilstream, probably the most flexible phoenixborn for deck construction ever. I mean, this character specifically gives you 12 dice per turn as long as you're running at least 4 different types, so realistically you can build him however you want.

For an ultra defensive deck like this, it's important to have an alternate path to victory. I like Admonisher because it can also act as a great defensive unit, but you could switch up your plan to something a little more direct like Chant of Revenge or Guilt Link. If you want to be absolutely vile, you can run all three.

Despite the insane amount of defensive support we have for Sunshield, you might still be worried about your opponent overwhelming him. If that's a worry, consider running a few Heals; not only can they save a massive Sunshield, but they could also keep Orrick a bit healthier against opponents that deal lots of direct damage.

If you want, you could also throw in a couple copies of Dispel. If you know for a fact that you can't keep your Sunshield alive, Dispel can at least circulate some of your valuable alterations back into your deck so you can grab them again later. You'll want to prioritize shuffling back the alterations without Respark, especially Frozen Crown and Massive Growth.


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