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Jericho - 2 Rounds play all


First five is :
Changing Winds
Double Edge or Law of Assurance
Sleight of Hand

Put Sleight of Hand under jericho before turn one and also discard squire before turn one.

Use Double edge for card draw only unless you totally know how the deck works.
Your goal is to play all your units in Round 1 if possible, which it often is.

You can easily afford to take 8 damage in the first round. At some point your opponent will run out of actions while you filter your deck and return dice.
If you are good at predicting which dice you should spend, which actions to take first and how to get maximum carddraw you should be able to get down 24 to 26 drawn cards on average by the first turn of round two. Because of changing winds that means that you had all cards in hand over the course of the first round. Since you run revival effects there is usually a first all in attack and a second that ends the game in either your win or a loss.

For beginners it is easiest to not play the elephant rider in the first round but it is possible to do so reliably.

There is great solitaire mode to practice with this deck. You play against an imaginary opponent who does nothing and try to get all your units in round 1 in play. after 3 turns, put 5 damage on your phoenixborn. At the start of round 2 put 5 damage on your phoenixborn. Your units only die if you kill them yourself.
If you can on average get to deal about 18 damage to the imaginary opponent you are probably good enough at the puzzling aspect of the deck to play against people.

Obviously this is an all in type deck, that sometimes just loses.
And it is annoying to play against.
I actually don't like the deck myself, but similar decklists have started to appear so i guessed i might as well post it.
I will also not describe what the optimal order of options for card draw or dice recursion is because it is just so much text and too many cases.


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