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Deadly Hunt

Aradel Summergaard

  • Battlefield 8
  • Life 16
  • Spellboard 4


Summon Blue Jaguar
Summon Mirror Spirit
Magic Syphon
Join the Hunt
1 Ally of your choice (I prefer Hunt Master or Battle Mage)

This is a decidedly simple deck with a relatively simple goal: Kill Everything. Much of the playmaking in Ashes often comes down to your ability to control the board, so here's a deck that's specifically designed to do so while steadily building advantage.

Your main control element comes from Blue Jaguar and Aradel Summergaard's Water Blast. The tricky part is learning which creatures you can afford to leave alone, and which need to be addressed immediately.

The rest of the deck comes down to a myriad of simple synergies. Blue Jaguar's exhaustion plan and your massive battlefield work really well with Mirror Spirit (You want to be hitting at least 3 status every time), and if you run out of MS's and need more, you can always Water Blast one. Temple Elder exists largely as a way to draw more cards to hit your Focus on Summon Mirror Spirit, and along with Mirror Spirit becomes a serious threat when given an Explosive Growth. Battle Mage provides you extra [[basic]] dice to fuel Blue Jaguar, and both Battle Mage and Hunt Master can both take advantage of Join the Hunt fairly well. With the way your board tends to expand over time, Out of the Mist becomes an excellent way to open cracks in your opponent's battlefield, possibly killing even the mighty Elephant Rider as a [[side]] action.

All of your cards work well off one another, so no matter what cards you draw you should have a battle plan of some kind.

Get Creative:
There isn't quite as much flex room in this deck since Aradel and Blue Jaguar are such essential parts of it, but there might be room to replace your [[illusion:power]] influence with [[ceremonial:power]]. Expand Energy provides all the dice you'll ever need for Blue Jaguar, and upcoming cards like Dark Reaping and Master Vampire work with many existing synergies. Protect also becomes an option if you're really intent on maintaining a hard board advantage.

And of course, within the current deck, there's always Mark of the Red Flower if you want more utility out of your creatures. Just keep in mind that it could open you up for potentially harder losses too.


  • Oh hey, more spoilers on the main site.

    From the upcoming "Spirits of Memoria" deck, you might be able to beef up your [[illusion:power]] game by adding Gates Thrown Open and/or Shadow Guard to your deck.

    Gates Thrown Open could make a solid replacement for either Magic Syphon or Join the Hunt + Hidden Power. Since this deck is super dice hungry, cards in our colors that add dice are a huge bonus. GTO is slightly awkward since we can't use those dice on anything but cards in hand, but with the dense number of Actions, Alterations and Allies in the deck, we shouldn't have any problem spending.

    Shadow Guard is actually a nifty trick card with serious power behind it. It's not uncommon for your opponent to focus down your major utility units at nearly every opportunity (primarily Blue Jaguar, but also Hunt Master and Battle Mage), and playing a sneaky Shadow Guard could allow you a major swing out of nowhere. It's also a great play against anyone that is likely to play an Ally on turn 1, in that speed window before Jaguars are online.

    Still, either of those additions will probably require substituting a [[sympathy:power]] or [[natural:power]] die out for an [[illusion:power]] die, so keep that in mind.

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