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Wall of Mist

Leo Sunshadow

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (11)

Reaction Spells (5)

Conjuration Deck (16)


Summon Mist Spirit
Summon Orchid Dove
Open Memories - Intended fetch: Summon Mist Spirit or Abundance
Anguish - On turn 1, this is practically guaranteed 4 wounds for 2 basic.

Styled similarly to Magic: The Gathering's "Turbo Fog" deck, this is "Turbo Mist". Because Mist Spirits usually come in packs of 2, they can populate a battlefield faster than any other card in Ashes (other than Summon Sleeping Widows, which is conditional). Combine this with Leo's ability to pop a Glow Finch as a side, and you can make up to 3 blockers in one turn.

Your win condition is Abundance, and your goal is to aggressively draw out your opponent to death. While Mist Spirits and Orchid Doves aren't very strong in a fight, they're cheap and will easily block the opponent's bigger units. Similar to a Turbo Fog deck, your goal is to render all your opponent's attacks meaningless while you rapidly draw out their deck.

Instead of Open Memories, you might consider Reflections in the Water as an FF card. This works as a solid counter to Three-Eyed Owl and any card with the dreaded Overkill ability (Power Through and Elephant Rider).

Get Creative:
This style of deck works with lots of other Phoenixborn and Dice as well. The key pieces are Mist Spirit and Abundance, and a Battlefield of at least 6; less than that, and your board won't be big enough to defend your Phoenixborn from an all out attack.

Other viable options include Echo Greystorm (more exhaustion effects to hold the fort), Aradel Summergaard (Blue Jaguar and Hydro Blast make great board control), and even Noah Redmoon can work decently (Masked Wolves can also be made through side action, and he's super tanky).

You can also try a Ceremonial angle and use Chant of Revenge as a secondary (or primary) win condition.


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