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Maeoniphant, v2

Maeoni Viper

  • Battlefield 3
  • Life 22
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Action Spells (14)

Reaction Spells (4)

Conjuration Deck (4)


This is a slight reworking of my original Maeoniphant deck that offers more general responses to threats that you are likely to see in the post-Astrea/Koji meta.

First Five:

Thunder Number for your first round is 8 (9 if you attack and use Strike). Ongoing Thunder Number depends on draw, but typically will be 6-8.

Your primary goal with this deck is to hit face with the Elephant + Maeoni's Strike and close out the game within the first 2-3 rounds (usually 2 rounds for 17 or less health, 3 for those with more). Guard all incoming threats with your Phoenixborn to keep damage off the Elephant, and use Meteor either to close out the first round or as crowd control in later rounds.

All subsequent rounds usually involve an early Turtle Guard followed by whatever you need to setup your one big attack. Against medium to low health Phoenixborn, you can drop up to 2 Charm dice on the Elephant to boost your attack to a max of 9-10 for a second round coup de grace.

Turtle Guards should primarily guard only. If one gets locked up, that's what Blood Chains are for.

If at all possible, drop a Law of Sight prior to trying to put lethal damage on your opponent if they have Charm dice. You often cannot afford a Redirect or similar, and since Maeoni is going to be soaking up lots of damage to keep it off the Elephant Sympathy Pain is also very dangerous late game.

Note that your own Redirect can be used to recur the Elephant via [[ceremonial]] without suffering damage.

Iron Worker is usually just there for double side actions (like [[charm]] + Hypnotize), but note that he can output 4 damage on his own with Strike.

Magic Purity of course discounts your Turtles and Elephants, but it's mainly intended to prevent you from getting locked out of a dice type you need. If playing vs. Illusion dice, it can snag back that [[ceremonial:class]] for a surprise Blood Chains, for instance.

I hope you enjoy the deck! A first turn unblockable 8 damage card immune to most good response cards is a lot of fun to play, and puts your opponent in a real pickle.


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