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The Path of Assassins

Jericho Kill

  • Battlefield 9
  • Life 15
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Ready Spells (12)

Allies (12)

Action Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (8)


This is the official deck for Jericho Kill, available as a small-box expansion.

The dice listed are merely a suggestion; because this deck requires only [[basic]] symbols, you may use any 10 dice you prefer.

First Five suggestion pending.


  • Any chance we can get Issac to post his recommended First Five? It's hard to teach this game when only half the pre-cons have a F5 listed, and personally I'd rather not guess.

  • I don't think there will ever be an official 'first five' for these later decks. The first five is really only intended for beginning players to get them started. Once you start to understand the rules, you should be picking a first five specific to the matchup you are playing.

    That said, I can give you an example of what I have used recently:

    First Five:
    Magic Purity: +1 [[basic]]
    Prepare: no cost
    Summon Lucky Rabbit: 2[[basic]]
    Summon Turtle Guard: 3[[basic]]
    Elephant Rider: 7[[basic]]

    Straight away, you will notice the dice cost of this FF is 12[[basic]], not 10[[basic]]. You have two options:

    • Use Magic Purity and Lucky Rabbit to recur the extra 2[[basic]] dice you will need to pay your Round 1 costs; or
    • At the start of the Round 1 prepare phase, use Jericho Kill's Build Magic to store the Elephant Rider under the Phoenixborn. As this happens before the Prepare Phase Draw Step, you can draw an extra card (back up to five cards). Elephant Rider is now under the PB; you can access it at any time with Prepare or leave it for a later round. This approach both lets you see more cards (hopefully to draw into more copies of Prepare or Magic Purity) and means you will always have access to an Elephant Rider when you need one.

    As an alternative strategy, swap out Elephant Rider with Double Edge in your first five and do the same Round 1 Build Magic shenanigans. You can draw an extra 3 cards in your first turn for no magic cost!

  • albino penguin's suggestion would probably be the Plaid Hat suggestion if they made one. That said, let me make a pitch for an alternative.

    Jericho's base deck is a pretty poor fit for her. Opening Elephant obviously puts immediate pressure on your opponent, but in the long run I think Jericho's best chance at success comes from focusing up on Purity and Rabbits quickly so that you can afford to spam your relatively expensive big hitters. If you can do that, you can afford to use your large battlefield and overwhelm your opponent. But to do that quickly means drawing a lot of cards.

    What I'd go with for first five probably depends on the dice I am using. I'd prefer a combo of [[ceremonial:power]] [[natural:power]] [[illusion:power]] to access the best dice abilities. But anyway, an aggressive first 5 would be:

    Squire (build at game start)
    Hand Tricks
    Double Edge
    Magic Purity
    Summon Lucky Rabbit

    Yes, that's a total cost of 2[[basic]], and only 2 ready spells. Insanity? Read on...

    First, it's really 1[[ceremonial:power]]+3[[basic]] if you re-tool the squire, pull it back to hand, and then play it. Moreover, the initial draw to replace the squire, plus Double Edge, plus Hand Tricks, gives you another 4 cards even before you get back the Squire and use its draw power to get a 5th extra card.

    When you look at what you have to draw into, it's pretty likely that things will work out OK. Drawing into more Double Edge or Hand Tricks obviously keep the draws coming. Squire does as well (meditate as needed to get the power dice to power more draw), and leaving a squire out as a blocker dares your opponent to kill it so you can recur it for more draw. Drawing Prepare is essentially half a draw because if you have two you can pull a card under and then pull it to hand.

    Meanwhile, drawing either the Turtle or any of your more expensive allies obviously earns you some board presence and spends your dice. With some luck you will get focus on Lucky Rabbit (crucial to make the card effective) and maybe one more Purity, to go with some big units. And if you're still under-diced after all the draws are played out, just spend a [[basic]] to get Hand Tricks back to hand and draw again.

  • an introduction to this deck can be found here

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